After xDrip installation - next step is setup.

(Latest xDrip version is always available here: )

From Menu - select "Settings" (last option on bottom):

Then - Hardware Data Source


Next - from Menu - Settings - select Bluetooth Settings:

and mark (click) - Transmiter (PL) support":

Now we have selected transmitter type. 

Next step is device discovery and connection.

From Menu select Bluetooth Scan:

within couple of seconds phone will find Droplet device and list it as "LimiTTerDx":

click on "LimiTTerDx" - and this ends setup.

If all is ok you can check on System Status screen:

- as Data Source -> LimiTTer or TransmiterPL

- as Bluetooth Device -> LimiTTerDx

- as Connection Status -> Connected

other info is available when you swipe this screen to the left - to BT Device screen:

if exists line "Hardware: Transmiter PL" = all setup is OK.

Main sources of troubles is "unchecking" Transmiter PL Support feature - if you do not receiving data - check it as first option.